#0051: Learning AI at home

Education Next- Fifty first Edition

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This week lets read about:

  • The rise of AI challenges the school system

  • AI tools for kids to learn in a fun way

  • Parents play no role

With so much being discussed about AI in learning like Khan academy's Khanmigo and the rise of AI tutors, it is essential to understand what AI can really do for learning.

“We’re at the cusp of using AI for probably the biggest positive transformation that education has ever seen“

Sal Khan 

One thing that doesn't limit us to learn what we want is the freedom we have in unschooling.

We can explore different topics and find out what interests us the most. Additionally, we can take our learning in any direction that feels right for us.

There is no pressure to conform or follow an established curriculum - instead, it is about being curious about the world around us and finding meaningful ways to engage with it.

While everyone is talking about AI now, we are not dependent on a school to learn about it.

Adi and I explore AI from a variety of sources, such as the internet, books, and conferences. We have even started to build our projects with AI technologies!

We use AI tools to learn, write, and make art. We discuss discoveries and inventions in AI and explore how they will shape our future.

Had Adi been in a school setting, he likely wouldn't have had the opportunity to get as deep into AI and its potential applications.

Unschooling has allowed him to explore this technology in ways that are meaningful for him, and it's something that we both enjoy learning about as a family

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                               Learning With Adi

Adi loves to read and write but in his way, 

This week he is reading Hardy boys 

He is writing a book on Bri books. 

This tool enables kids to write books in a fun way.

We found another tool called Koalluh which is again an AI tool

where you can choose the scenario and AI helps you to write stories with images. 

I am exploring this another app called Pressto

where you have templates to write and it can be assigned to learners

                                      Conscious Bonding 

When people ask you if you want to raise good kids

Parents want to do everything to raise a good human being

We as parents tend to think that we can control kids,

What friends do they have,

What games do they play,

What they can become when they grow up

But at the same time, we are surprised when kids do not turn out the way we expect they to be

Sometimes they might choose to be with their friends and listen to what they have to say

rather than follow our instructions

They may also choose to play certain games that we are not aware of or do not approve of

Which tells us we might not have too much control on our kids as we think

This was explained by Judith Rich Harris

“The idea that we can make our children turn out any way we want is an illusion,” wrote Harris in her book The Nurture Assumption. “You can neither perfect them nor ruin them.”

When Newsweek asked the question "Do Parents Matter?" Ms. Harris responded that parents do have an impact on their children.

A parent's behavior towards their child can influence how the child behaves, especially when in the parent's presence.

Additionally, this behavior can shape the type of relationship that develops between the parent and child as the child grows up.

If you want to dig deeper in this topic - do read the full blog

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Quote of the week

Parents should treat children well for the reason they should be kind to their partners -- not in hopes of transforming their personalities or controlling their futures, but in hopes of remaining good friends for a lifetime. Parents matter, primarily in determining the kind of relationship they will have with their children -- friendly or bitter, accepting or adversarial --and how their children feel about them.

Judith Rich Harris 


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