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Education Next- Sixty eigth Edition

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Hey !!👋

I am so happy to see so many new subscribers. I would love to share a little about my website, educationnext.in, and how it started.

My decision to leave traditional school happened when my son started showing interest in learning things his way in a free environment.

This happened after COVID when he was not being dragged out of bed to go to school. Soon, I realized the potential of a self-directed education and saw it as an opportunity to explore his interests and goals.

I followed where his interests took us; he was interested in building projects, learning by himself, and more. That's when I started researching unschooling, homeschooling, and ways to learn outside the traditional schooling system.

As a teacher and citizenship program lead, I have worked in schools in different capacities and created sustainable learning materials.

Leaving traditional learning systems helped me seek other alternative methods, how they work, and the future of alternate learning systems. I started chasing people doing things differently.

I started meeting many people online, alternate and learning spaces.

I connected with many of these people and groups, attended their meetups and conferences, and saw different ways of learning.

Like any other parent or learner, you want to know the future of choosing an alternate way of learning.

That's when I decided to create educationnext.in, I write and cover stories around these topics.

  1. Alternate Learning: Exploring non-traditional learning spaces and unconventional approaches that offer fresh perspectives on living and learning.

  2. Skills for the Future: Discovering the essential skills youth need to navigate the modern world, supporting their self-sufficiency and dreams.

  3. Digital Learning: Examining how digital tools enhance accessibility and flexibility in skill-building and education.

  4. Integrated Parenting: Learning about the importance of informed choices in parenting, fostering resilience, curiosity, and vital life skills.

  5. Education Innovation: Highlighting the broader spectrum of educational experiences beyond traditional classrooms, emphasizing a holistic approach to learning.

These descriptions collectively paint a comprehensive picture of how education is evolving to meet the needs of the present world.

They also highlight the interconnectedness of these categories as they work together to create a more holistic and adaptable educational ecosystem.

As part of my mission at EducationNext, I strive to create meaningful content to help people of all ages discover the joys and benefits of learning in many ways.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey! Let's explore together!

Learning with Maya

Maya is ten years old. Currently, she lives in the beautiful town of Bansko, Bulgaria. She learns and lives the way she wants. She enjoys cycling, creating crafts, learning language and writing, and AI with mentors worldwide.

She has friends of different age groups. She is a worldschooler. She is an environment advocate and young ambassador of the Manabu Movement. (Empowering children to be leaders of change)

You can check more about Manabu Movement here - https://manabumovement.org/

Here is a lovely note from her father

Maya (10) already left for the cross-country training event - she got up at 0530, to be ready in time.

She loves it. I am enjoying the calm pre-sunrise dialogs with her, while everybody else is still sleeping here. Life is beautiful.

-Andreas (Happy Father)

Education Next Features Hannah Dixon

Hi I’m Hannah, a digital nomad of 15 years, and the Founder of Digital Nomad Kit, where for the past decade I've trained over 30,000 people to become Virtual Assistants and freelancers.

But here's one group that continually blows me away, our young learners under 18. They're not just quick to pick up new skills; they undergo astonishing personal growth along the way.

Let’s backtrack a little here: What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)? It’s a self-employed, fully remote professional who supports entrepreneurs and businesses with tasks in tech, admin, and/or creative disciplines. 

Blog writing, graphic design, calendar management, invoicing, video editing, social media management, to name just a few. If someone assists another virtually, in my books, they fall under the umbrella of “VA”.

Hannah meeting with a group of her VA learners in Hungary

Young people have a unique edge here. They've grown up in the tech era, making them naturally adept at navigating digital landscapes.

The trick is layering on business know-how, client acquisition strategies, and of course, mastering all that emotional intelligence stuff.

Yes, it’s the skills, connections, income potential, flexibility, and career readiness, but it’s also the less tangible, yet super impactful life skills they'll pick up along the way.

We're talking huge boosts in confidence from landing their first clients, personal fulfillment from doing something they enjoy and being compensated for it, and social skills!

Negotiating with clients, networking, and making diverse global connections, are things that turn timid teens into confident, world-ready adults. In this interconnected world, what's better than giving them a head start in building their own global village?

An adventure into virtual assistance is offering a way for young people to see and step into their greatness in unique ways, ways that defy traditional schooling and actually sets them up for a life of thinking outside the boxset and for themselves.

This year I began working in collaboration with MaNaBu Movement to deliver a Youth VA Program and it is already transforming lives in Albania. We're providing a safe and viable alternative for young adults to find fulfilling work and beaming self-confidence without making risky journeys in search of opportunities abroad.

VA work provides opportunities across borders, wherever the WiFi reaches - and to all ages and backgrounds.

Because, at the end of the day, young people want the same thing we all do: to contribute something meaningful to the world. And equipping them with the tools to carve out their own path? Well, that's a game-changer in their personal growth journey.